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Canadas Latest Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program 2023 Canada Immigration News min

Canada’s Latest Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program 2023

Do you wish to stay in Canada with your family? Well, this can be your golden opportunity. Canada is dedicated towards family reunification and has introduced a Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Program. There have been major updates that are important to be aware of whether you are an applicant or a sponsor.



As per The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in October, they will accept around 15,000 complete applications in 2023. They will begin sending about 24,200 invitations in two weeks starting October 10th.

Process of Selection

IRCC will not introduce any new interest to sponsor forms, but they will select some from the ones submitted in 2020. In 2021 and 2022, the same method was implemented. It is good news for those who tried back in 2023 but missed out so far. This time around, keep checking your email.

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Application Submission

All those participants who were lucky to get their invitation for the intake of 2023 will have to electronically submit their application. Submission can be done through the Representative Permanent Residence Portal or the Permanent Residence Portal.

Eligibility Criteria

Do you want to know if you can sponsor your parents or grandparents for Canadian permanent residency? You will be eligible if you are:

  • The age of 18 or above.
  • Are a Canadian citizen
  • A permanent resident
  • Registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • You must have enough funds to support your family while meeting the past three years’ financial requirements of IRCC

IRCC is expected to release the details of the specific 3-year income requirement. So stay tuned.

Those who were unable to participate in 2020, don’t worry. You have an alternative option. You can always go for a Super Visa. This visa is valid for 10 years and can let entries and also offers a 5-year stay in Canada in a stretch. Isn’t it great news!

Official Processing Time

The average time of this sponsorship is around 23 months throughout Canada, excluding Quebec. In Quebec, the time period is around 45 months.

This program has brought a wave of hope for many families and is going to provide a chance to reunite. If you want the application to be accepted, you must meet the criteria. If you want to apply, then be prepared.

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