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International Students Face Harsh Realities Canada Immigration News 30th September 2023

Nightmare For Indian Students in Canada

Canada has always been a dream destination for many Indian students. However, now the circumstances have changed. This blog will tell you how.

The recent tension between the two nations has started to cause issues for students in both countries. Now, the lives of Indian students have become quite challenging in Canada with the housing crisis, combined with a lack of job opportunities and rising inflation. Some are even doubting their decision to move.

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Housing Woes of International Students

The housing problem is taking a hike, especially for Indian students who have recently moved to the country. They are searching everywhere in the residential areas of Ontario to get a roof over their heads. Yet many are being rejected. Some students who were enrolled in Canadore College in North Bay are now without shelter after two days of accommodation provided by the institute.

Job Market Challenges

There’s also not much hope in the job market, as a high number of students and immigrants are facing a shortage of part-time jobs that many rely on. The issues are so severe that some students are even living in cars or expensive motels.

Is the Dream Worth It?

Now, the question is, with such a high cost of living, limited job opportunities, and housing challenges, is the Canadian dream still worth it? Are Indian students better off staying in their home country? Only time will tell.

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