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Canadas International Student Program New Cap Announced CIC News 2024

Canada’s International Student Program: New Cap Announced

In today’s video update, we’ll talk about the New announcement made by Government of Canada regarding the Cap on International Students

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Substantial Reduction in Student Permits

According to a notable change in policy, Canada has decreased the number of new international student permits by 35% for the year 2024. This reduction is a temporary measure to cope with foreign enrollment and maintain a sustainable level of temporary residence. This cap interprets almost 364,000 new approved permits for 2024, with the 2025 limit to be based on reassessment this year.


Provincial Allocation and Specific Exemptions

The study permits will be granted according to the population size of each province. This measure translates to reduced allocations for certain provinces, like Ontario, which might face a decrease of more than 50%. Surprisingly, certain students will be exempt from this cap, including those applying for graduate-level programs, master’s degrees, and PhDs, as well as elementary and secondary school students.

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Addressing Quality and Integrity Concerns

This temporary initiative aims to disrupt the exploitation of international students by some institutions and sustain the quality of education, as emphasized by the immigration minister, Marc Miller. The policy is focused on restraining those private institutions that have allegedly taken advantage of international students by charging excessively high fees while potentially imparting substandard education.

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Impact on Post-Graduate Work Permits and Spouses of International Students

The measure has also impacted post-graduate work permits, as they will not be accessible to public-private institution models as of September 1, 2024. Moreover, open-work permits will also soon be limited and granted only to spouses of international students enrolled in master’s, doctoral, and specific professional programs.

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This decision to cap the number of international student permits depicts Canada’s strategic approach to managing its international education sector. As it aims to maintain the quality of education and eliminate exploitation, the cap also aims to maintain the requirement of balancing the inflow of international students with the national workforce and economic objectives. This policy change will profoundly impact the future of international education in Canada and will need cautious implementation to ensure its effectiveness and fairness.

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