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January 27, 2023


Canada Plans To Waive Off Visa Eligibility Requirements

Canada seems to be resorting to drastic measures in order to tackle its growing immigration backlog, such as waiving eligibility requirements for almost half a million visas.

According to a draft document of December, it seems that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC, is getting ready to take steps to bring the number of visitor visa applications down by an enormous amount by February.

As per the memo, there are two options for IRCC to deal with the visitor visa application backlog. The first option is to process nearly 19,500 applications at once, including the ones of tourists coming from countries who are supposed to acquire visas before visiting Canada.

Now for the second option, Canada would have to ease up on a few eligibility requirements for nearly 450,000 applications. For instance, foreign nationals would no longer need to give proof of leaving Canada after their visa expires if admission rules are waived.

Although, visitors would still need to go through an eligibility check to ensure that they are not a threat to national security.

What’s important to note here is that the Immigration Minister of Canada has not talked about issues concerning the policy memo or the changes that are expected to be implemented.

However, the Immigration Minister claimed that visitor visa applications are now being processed at a much faster rate than they were before the pandemic. He further added that in November, over 260,000 visitor visas were processed, whereas the monthly average in 2019 was about 180,000 visa applications.

Moreover, the inventory of IRCC dropped from 2.2 million applicants to nearly 2.1 million in December. It should be noted that IRCC had more than 700,000 temporary resident visa applications, also known as TRV, to process in early December.

While talking at a news conference in the month of December, the Immigration Minister seemed quite confident about IRCC’s performance as he confirmed that the department is processing applications faster than they are being received.

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