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August 28, 2023

Canada To Limited International Students Very Soon

In today’s blog update, we’ll talk about Canada’s Housing Crisis and also take A Look at the Proposed Student Visa Limit.


In an extraordinary move, Canada is anticipating the launch of a cap on international students to tackle its rising housing affordability problem. Sean Fraser, the Canadian Housing Minister lately suggested the idea, stating that restricting the number of international students from abroad could be a possible solution to Canada’s rising housing prices.


It should be noted that, This comes at a time when Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister is under inspection for not effectively addressing the housing problem. Particularly, Canada welcomed a record-breaking 800,000 international students in the year 2022, marking a 75% surge from five years prior. in conjunction with this, Marc Miller, the Canadian Immigration Minister indicated at reconsidering immigration targets to control their influence on the housing sector.

On the other hand, experts debate that just limiting new arrivals might not be the solution to the problem. The average home price in big cities like Toronto has risen steeply, with houses often selling for over C$1m. Such cities are now considered as global hubs like Hong Kong in terms of housing unaffordability.

While the discussion carries on, it’s evident that a multidimensional approach is required to seriously tackle Canada’s housing problems.


Our blog ends here. Thanks for reading today’s update.

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