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Is Your Canadian Immigration Application Delayed Heres a Game Changer Canada Visa 2023

Is Your Canadian Immigration Application Delayed? Here’s a Game-Changer!

Have you been waiting endlessly for your Canadian Immigration application to process? Then this blog will have just the solution you need.


What’s The Writ of Mandamus in Canadian Immigration?


We all know that Canadian immigration processing can sometimes take longer than expected. But there’s a legal solution that might come to your rescue.


The Writ of Mandamus is a judicial order that can give government agencies like the IRCC a nudge to decide within a given timeframe.


In a notable case in 2016, a family who applied for permanent residence through Express Entry experienced a delay of more than six years! They received little information on their application status even after making multiple inquiries.


The court found that this delay was unreasonable and gave the IRCC a 90-day deadline to process their application. The family was also awarded compensation for the delay.

Is The Writ of Mandamus The Right Choice For You?


This judicial order can be a powerful tool, but it’s only granted for specific situations. Mainly if the applicant faces prejudice and there’s no other path left.


So, before pulling this card out, ensure all your documentation is updated, check your application status online, and think about getting legal counsel.


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