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Canada Takes Steps To Make Immigration More Convenient For Sudanese Nationals

The Canadian government plans to introduce new immigration measures for Sudanese nationals currently living in Canada as temporary residents and unable to go back to their home country because of the ongoing situation in Sudan.



A dispute occurred between the armed forces of Sudan and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group on 15 April. As a result, hundreds of people lost their lives, and hospitals and other major services got damaged. Don’t forget fighting between the two forces converted residential areas into war zones.



Sudanese nationals will be able to extend their stay in Canada and transition between temporary streams after the newly announced measures become effective. Consequently, Sudanese people in Canada will be able to pursue education, seek employment, and visit their family members without any charges.

In addition to this, the Canadian government is committed to ensuring the speedy processing of temporary and permanent residence applications for applicants who have already applied and are in Sudan. This will help applicants travel to Canada safely.

Interestingly, it also includes visitor visa applications submitted by qualified immediate family members of Canadian permanent residents and citizens.

Most importantly, the Canadian government plans to waive passport fees and charges for permanent resident travel documents for all Canadian permanent residents and citizens in Sudan who want to exit the country.

In other news, the two groups fighting in Sudan have agreed to a ceasefire for 72 hours to allow Arab, Asian, and Western countries to bring their citizens home.

Canada has also suspended governmental operations in Sudan temporarily. Now Canadian diplomats will continue to work from another location outside the country.

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