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Canada Study Permit Applications Do Not Require Any Payment of Tuition Fees

There are several positive outcomes for international students from the case of Tehrani VS Canada.

In the case of Tehrani VS Canada, the Federal Court has made it clear that international students are not required to pay any amount of their tuition fees to obtain a study permit application.

For those who are not aware, Tehrani is a citizen of Iran who submitted an application for a study permit after getting accepted at a College in Toronto for a Project Management program.

However, Tehrani’s study permit application was refused since the immigration officer didn’t think that he would return to his country after finishing his authorized stay in Canada. What’s important to note here is that this decision was made on the basis of several factors, including Tehrani’s family ties in Canada and marital status. Plus, Tehrani paid only a part of his tuition fees to secure his place in the program, which was also considered.

Now as far as the payment of tuition fees is concerned, the court mentioned that the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, or IRPR, demands applicants to only prove their selection for a program at a Canadian institute without stating if they have paid any of their tuition fees. IRPR only needs to know if a person is able to afford the tuition fees and other expenses or not.

To sum it up, the court confirmed that the payment of tuition fees could not determine if Tehrani would leave Canada after finishing his authorized stay. The court further concluded that the immigration officer’s decision to refuse Tehrani’s study permit application was unjustified since it did not consider the evidence provided by the applicant.

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