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Canada Work Permit 2022 Without IELTS and LMIA | Global Talent Stream Canada (GTS) | Dream Canada

A Foolproof Way For Foreign Nationals To Gain Canadian Work Experience

The Global Talent Stream is designed to assist Canadian employers in hiring foreign tech experts.

It should be noted that the Global Talent Stream happens to be a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or TFWP offered by Canada. TFWP is a specific immigration program to tackle the shortage of skills and labour when the same positions cannot be filled by Canadians or permanent residents.

Similarly, the Global Talent Stream proves helpful for Canadian companies to recruit skilled and talented individuals from all over the world. Moreover, this stream is for organizations that require skilled and specialized foreign nationals for growth. Such companies are referred to Employment and Social Development Canada by a specific referral partner. Plus, the stream is also meant for firms that have to hire a highly skilled individual for a high-demanding job position on the Global Talent Occupations List.

The process of the Global Talent Stream has two steps. Firstly, employers need to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment application, also known as LMIA, to give proof that their decision to employ a foreign national is going to prove beneficial for the Canadian labour market in the short and long run. It takes up to 10 business days for Employment Social Development Canada or ESDC to process Global Talent Stream applications. The foreign worker can submit an application for a work permit as soon as their Global Talent Stream application is processed.

What’s important to note here is that the Global Talent Stream has two categories;

Category A

This category is for firms referred to Employment and Social Development by specific referral partners. Furthermore, it is for businesses that need to hire specialized foreign nationals for high-demanding job roles.

Visit the official website of Canada Visa to view the complete list of designated referral partners for employers outside Quebec.

Category B

This is a category meant for employers interested in recruiting skilled foreign workers for professions listed on the Global Talent Occupations List. These are occupations with an increased demand for workers while facing a significant shortage of labour.

What Is Required From Employers For The Global Talent Stream?

For starters, employers need to form a Labour Market Benefits Plan to show their commitment to activities that will positively affect the Canadian labour market in the short and long run. This applies to employers in both categories. However, employers in category A are supposed to create jobs for permanent residents and Canadian citizens. On the other hand, employers in Category B have a primary goal of increasing investments in skills and training for permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

Furthermore, employers in both categories have to contribute to two more complementary benefits by having at least one activity for each. Examples of complementary benefits include co-op or internship programs, job creation, training existing employers in new techniques, or implementing efficient practices and policies as an employer to help the workforce.

Plus, employers in both categories must also fulfill the requirements for the payment of skilled workers. Any foreign skilled worker recruited through the Global Talent Stream needs to be paid a prevailing wage or higher.

In case you don’t know, prevailing wage refers to the highest figure of the following;

  • The median wage for the profession on the job bank of the Government of Canada
  • The minimum wage floor as stated in the Global Talent Occupations List
  • The wage within the range existing employees at the same place in the same job position having the same skills and experience are paid by employers.

While the Global Talent Stream proves beneficial for Canadian employers interested in dealing with the shortages of skills and labour, it is also a good opportunity for foreign nationals to acquire Canadian work experience. Needless to say, Canadian work experience can turn out to be increasingly helpful for foreign nationals who plan to apply for permanent residence in the future.

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