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How to ExtendRenew Your Visa in the UK

Can I Extend My UK Visa Whilst In The UK?

Are you currently in the UK and want to extend your stay without leaving the country? In this blog, we will be exploring different options you have to extend your UK visa while staying in the UK.



Your first step to determine if you can extend your UK visa without exiting the country should be to review your existing visa category and its specific conditions. This step is highly significant since you cannot extend all types of visas from the UK. Plus, there are a few visas that cannot be extended.



Visa categories for which you can seek an extension while living in the UK include.

  • Skilled Worker visas, which are subject to your employer who is supporting your visa application.
  • Student visas, which are subject to the applicant’s university supporting their application.
  • Partner and Family visas.

You are advised to thoroughly review all the specific requirements and conditions of your current visa category.

What’s important to note here is that you must submit an application to the Home Office in order to have your UK visa extended while staying in the country. As far as the process is concerned, you have to complete your online application form and provide accurate supporting documents. Moreover, you also have to pay the fee and book and attend a biometric appointment.

Experts suggest gathering all the required documents beforehand and abiding by all the guidelines given by the Home Office. You cannot travel outside the Common Travel Area while waiting for a decision on your application. Don’t exit the UK while your application is pending. Keep this in mind at all times since your application will be considered automatically withdrawn if you leave the Common Travel Area.

What if you hold a visa that cannot be extended from the UK? In that case, you should go to a country where you have the legal right to live and submit your application from there.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.


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