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UK Travel Policy Announced By The UK Government UK s New Travel Rule November 2022

UK Travel Policy Announced By The UK Government

Biometric System Policy Guidelines Announced By The UK

Today we are going to discuss the new policy guidelines for the biometric systems introduced by the UK government for EU citizens.

The UK has implemented a new rule for all visitors and migrants returning to their region from the European Union, including from Northern Ireland. They will be required to provide biometrics for their face and fingerprints.

However, there are exemption plans for individuals from the Republic of Ireland.

Robert Jenrick, the New Minister of State for Immigration, has developed a plan in response to the parliamentary questions by the MP of an Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, Stephen Farry.

The new minister of state for Immigration stated that it is his long-term aim for all the visitors and migrants of the UK to provide their biometrics through a single global immigration system.

All the applicants will be required to submit their biometrics as a part of the application process of ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation).

Jenrick further mentioned that all the ETA applicants will be only required to add their facial images until and unless the technology option allowing for self-uploading the fingerprints is available to use.

The conservative party MP stated that obtaining an ETA for Irish citizens would not be required.

As the Minister of State for Immigration mentioned, all non-British and non-Irish nationals will be required to enter the UK according to the Immigration framework. This includes the requirement of obtaining an ETA once it’s introduced.

For now, within the Common Travel Area, the UK will not be operating any usual immigration controls, along with no controls on immigration at the Ireland-Northern Ireland land border.

Currently, the UK is working in collaboration with Ireland to determine any scope for the data sharing solution for UK/Ireland to determine if the person is a lawful resident of Ireland or not. It could exempt Ireland’s citizens from ETA requirements to travel to the UK.

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