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Game Changer Australia's Historic High Court Ruling Completely Redefines Asylum Policy

Australia’s Shift in Asylum Policy: A Landmark High Court Ruling

In today’s update, we will be talking about the release of asylum seekers already in indefinite detention after a landmark ruling in Australia.

Ending Indefinite Detention

Did you know? Significant steps were taken in the treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian Government, which was initially triggered by a landmark High Court ruling. The judgment marked the end of a stateless Rohingya man’s elongated detention, who, after serving a jail sentence, was held for an indefinite period due to the hopelessness of his deportation.


The Broader Impact

This judgment has wider repercussions, as approximately 92 asylum seekers in Australia, stateless or not able to go back home because of fear of oppression, are expected to be released. This change upturns a 20-year-old policy that permitted indefinite detention, an exercise that has heavily influenced Australia’s border policy.

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International Perspective

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has hailed this development. For years, the UNHCR has disapproved of Australia’s indefinite detention rule, stressing its misalignment with international regulation. This new ruling is seen as an impending step towards toning Australia’s practices with global standards.

The Australian High Court’s verdict to end the indefinite detention of a stateless Rohingya man means an essential shift in Australia’s approach to treating asylum seekers. It not only affects the discrete case but also sets an example that could mend the lives of other detained asylum seekers, and bring into line Australia’s guidelines more closely with international legal norms.

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