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Latest Australian Immigration News & Changes Announced in October 2023

Latest Australian Immigration Changes For October 2023

Australia is the dream country for many, and if you plan to move there too, then staying updated on Australian Immigration changes is crucial. There have been several developments in Australian immigration in October 2023. Here, we bring you a few highlights from various authentic sources.

Action Against Visa System Exploitation

The Australian government has taken action against those exploiting the visa system. Especially individuals involved in the “industrial-scale” exploitation of international students and vulnerable temporary migrants. This movement was part of a wider review of Australia’s immigration system​.


Immigration Growth in the Pacific

An expansion of Pacific immigration through new visa legislation was reported on October 20. This development came from the Voice campaign, which showcased a change in Australia’s political landscape regarding immigration policies​

Surge in Immigration

In October, a high surge in immigration was recorded, with an increasing growth rate of 2000 people per day. To control the immense immigration growth, the government planned to release a migration review with the goal of altering the current system and adding an immigration cap, among other things​​.

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Streamlining Visa Applications and Prioritising Skills

In October, the government streamlined the visa application process for partners. Along with other changes, including focusing on skills by adding more to the skilled occupation list, the aim is to ease the Australian immigration process and address the skill shortage through immigrants.

These Australian immigration changes were made to immigration policies and administrative procedures in order to adapt to the changing challenges and opportunities associated with immigration.

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