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Australia Immigration Unveiled Dive into Australia Migration Program Planning Levels!

Slowdown on Australian Migration Program Planning Levels

The government recently announced the Australian Migration Program Planning Levels. However, it seems things haven’t been going as they should for the applicants. In this blog, we’ll be digging deeper into the issues of the planning levels so you can get a clear perspective on the current status of Australian immigration.

Key Highlights:

  • The noticeable slowdown in invitations and visa grants
  • Visa categories on the current planning levels
  • The backlog situation
  • Impact on visa applicants
  • Regional South Australia’s Struggles


Lack of Transparency and Consistency Raise Concerns

Many people feel uncertain about the Australian migration program’s consistency due to the decrease in invitation rounds and visa grants. The government’s lack of transparency regarding visa backlogs and grants has only contributed to this confusion. Additionally, it has become more difficult for the public to access information as the immigration department charges for every Freedom of Information request.

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Visa Categories On The Current Planning Levels

Let’s take a closer look at the planning levels that are currently available for this financial year:

Skilled Migration Section:

Employer-Sponsored: Subclass 186

Skilled Independent: Subclass 189

Regional: This category includes Subclasses

  • 494,
  • 491,
  • 887,
  • 187

Notably, the 494 and 491 visas are provisional permanent residency visas that can lead to the 191 pathway.

State/Territory Nominated: Skilled Nominated 190 Visa

Business Innovation and Investment Program: Subclasses 888 and 188

Global Talent Visa Program: Subclass 858

What is the Current Backlog State?

As of February this year, the number of subclass 189 visa applications still awaiting processing had reached 31,490. The number of visa applications could have increased to around 40,000 to 50,000 by June 2023, if the government had issued another round of invitations in May 2023.

In order to clear this backlog, the immigration department may delay issuing new invitations for subclass 189 visas.

Impact on Visa Applicants

The government’s hasty immigration policies have frustrated and confused many visa hopefuls. The unsustainable rush to attract skilled workers has impacted those seeking visas.

Regional South Australia’s Struggles

Many individuals have been left in a difficult situation due to the unexpected removal of the outer Regional stream of the government sponsorship program in South Australia. Despite dedicating time and effort to the program, visa hopefuls now express frustration at the sudden change.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on Australian immigration.

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