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More Migrants Wanted Australias Population Boom

The Demand For Australia’s Population Rise is Not an Option Anymore

Today we’re diving into a hot topic down under – Australia’s population growth. You might be thinking, “Why does Australia need more people?” Well, let’s dive into it.


About thirty years ago, a savvy Malaysian-born entrepreneur, Maha Sinnathamby, along with his business partner,  Bob Sharpless took a gamble. They bought this enormous piece of land near Ipswich, which frankly, nobody really wanted.


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Fast forward to the present day, and that once unloved stretch of land is now Springfield, the first city in Australia to be built privately. And guess what? It stands as a huge shout-out to the fact that Australia’s still got room for more folks!


Now, sure, there’s a bit of a political tussle going on because of the housing shortage, but believe it or not, Australia’s population is on the up and up. The Albanese government is even speeding up the process of bringing in foreign skilled workers to fill a growing number of job vacancies. Aged care is one sector that’s particularly in need. But this does raise a big question: where are all these newcomers going to call home?

That’s where Springfield comes in, offering us a peek into the future. This city was built with an expanding population in mind. It’s got a railway line to Brisbane, not one, not two, but eleven schools, a TAFE, a University of Southern Queensland campus, a swanky private hospital, and even a public hospital that’s under construction.


Dodging a bigger Australia isn’t really in the cards. With an older population and the need to ramp up productivity, Australia’s going to need a continuous flow of working-age migrants. In fact, experts expect the country’s population to hit 30 million within the next decade, and that’s a conservative estimate!



While the thought of a bigger Australia might make some people uncomfortable, it’s a reality we have to face head-on. With smart planning and strategic development, Australia can absolutely welcome more people without giving up its unique identity, laid-back lifestyle, or natural beauty. After all, a bigger population means scale and scale is a powerful economic force.


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