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What are the UK's new family and work visa rules

What Are The UK’s New Family And Work Visa Rules?

In December 2023, the UK government declared its new regulations, responding to the record migration level of 745,000 in 2022. This strategy aims to minimize net migration and tackle visa misuse to lower unsustainable legal migration levels.


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New Immigration Rules

The BBC reported that most professionals considering working in the UK must apply for a visa through the points-based system (PBS). However, they will require a higher salary job offer for visa applications, from £26,200 to £38,700, from spring 2024.

This marks almost a 50% hike in the salary thresholds for professionals. It is important to note that this increase exempts some jobs like health and social care. Moreover, overseas workers are not allowed to bring their dependents to the country.

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UK’s New Work And Family Visa Rules In 2024

The official government website says that some changes are already effective, while most will go into effect from 11 April 2024. Let’s see what five changes are taking place as announced by the government:

  • The Skilled Worker Visa’s minimum sponsored salary requirement is rising from £26,200 to £38,700. However, this does not apply to the Health and Care Worker visa, including social care or education workers with national pay scales.
  • Social care workers are not allowed to bring dependants, including partners or children, on their visas.
  • Changes to the Shortage Occupation List aim at lowering the possible number of sponsored jobs for Skilled Worker Visa that are on less than the required minimum salary.
  • The minimum income requirement for a Spouse/Partner Visa is gradually increasing from £18,600 annually to £29,000, eventually reaching £38,700.
  • The Graduate Visa will also be reevaluated. It grants an unsponsored work permit for two years to overseas graduates of British universities.

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Important Dates When The New Rules Come Into Effect

  • The Skilled Worker minimum income hike is effective from 4 April 2024.
  • The spouse and family visa minimum salary will first rise to £29,000 on 11 April 2024. Later in the year, it will increase to £34,500, and by early 2025, it will be around £38,700.
  • The Graduate visa is already under review, and Home Secretary James Cleverly has set the report deadline for 14 May 2024.


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Guideline For Migrants To Bring Family To The UK

The Home Office has highlighted that the new threshold will not impact the extensions applied after 11 April 2024. We suggest applying before the date in case your spouse’s salary is below the new threshold of £29,000.

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