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What Are The Costs Associated With A UK Student Visa

What Are The Costs Associated With A UK Student Visa?

This blog will discuss the costs associated with UK student visa applications. The official fee for a student visa application is £490 for both in-country and entry clearance applications. However, you can optionally accelerate your application processing by utilizing the priority services offered in specific countries, costing an additional fee of £500.


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Moreover, the applicants must pay a healthcare surcharge to easily access the National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK. The healthcare surcharge for students is £776 per year as of Feb 2024.

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We recommend that you ensure the latest rates before applying because the abovementioned amounts are subject to change.

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Finally, the applicants must demonstrate access to sufficient funds to cover the tuition fees for at least the first year of the course, plus the cost of living in the UK, besides the fees payable to the Home Office. Calculated using a preset formula by the Home Office, these sufficient funds vary depending on the city where you’ll be staying within the country.

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To summarise, we suggest carefully preparing your application for submission to minimize the risk of refusal. Besides the material costs and dedication associated with student visa applications to the UK, it is critical to note that not all unsuccessful application fees are refundable.


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