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New Visa Restrictions Health and Care Workers Face 20 Hour Limit UK Health Worker Visa

20 Hour Cap is On For Health and Care Worker Visa

Today, In this blog, we will shed some light on the recent changes to supplementary work rules for UK health and care workers.

Recently, The UK Home Office has restored their 20-hour cap on supplementary employment visas for Health and Care Workers. At the start of this year, there was a temporary exception announced.

According to this, these visa holders were allowed to work for unlimited hours in a second job with no requirement of updating the visas. This was done so they could aid the staff shortage in the healthcare sector.

Key Points to Note on Health and Care Worker Visa

Temporary 20-hour Cap Exception: The result of this move has proven to be quite beneficial for healthcare workers. This allowed them to earn more and also get extra experience with no concern for the visa.

Now, as the cap has been restored, many may face less income and working period if their second job doesn’t meet the standard criteria.

Supplementary Work Conditions: If the workers continue their main sponsored job, they can take up additional paid work, too. Also, they are allowed to participate in unpaid voluntary jobs.

However, they will have to get the visa updated according to the time and nature of the supplementary job. If the hours are more than 20 in one week or the job is not under the shortage occupation list, updating visas is important.

Impact on Employers: Now that the cap is restored, employers will be facing some loss in flexibility in offering supplementary roles to these workers.

When a visa update is necessary, the employer will have to sponsor. There would be challenges faced by healthcare professionals with the high cost of living in the UK.

Future Provisions: As there is a shortage of staff in adult social care, the Home Office will need to look into offering more provisions for supporting businesses so more international talents can be recruited.

However, it is important for employers to ensure that all employees receive the right to work in the country. Especially seeing the rise in penalties for employing illegal workers.

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