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UK Skilled Worker Salary Requirement Still Not Confirmed According To

Will The New Salary Requirement Hit Skilled Worker Visa Renewals?

Recently, the Home Office announced that in spring 2024, spouse or family visas will entail a minimum requirement of £38,700. This is a significant increase from the current £18,600. However, it remains unclear if this increment would apply to those who are in the UK renewing a visa.

Many have raised concerns that this requirement amount is unaffordable and could break apart families. The Home Office has responded that there is a provision for exceptional circumstances in the family immigration rules if the applicant, their partner, child, or another family member would face “unjustifiable harsh sequences” if the application gets rejected.


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Statements have been made back and forth between the Prime Minister and a Downing Street spokesperson about whether the new rules will affect those with existing visas and are heading towards visa renewals. Ultimately, it is still to be confirmed.

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The new minister for Legal Migration and Delivery, Tom Pursglove, stated that before the salary changes would come into effect for those issued with the Skilled Worker visas, the government would set out transitional arrangements accordingly.

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