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Immigration Update What you need to know about the UKs health care visa

Why Apply For UK’s Most Popular Health & Care Visa

As a result of the pressing issue of the health and care worker shortage, there has been a notable rise in long-term work visa issuance in the healthcare sector. Compared to 2022, six-times the number of visas for care workers were issued in 2023, which was a massive 77,000 visas.

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The reason behind this increase could be accredited to the decision of the UK government to include senior care workers on the Shortage Occupation List in 2021. The government then further expanded the list in February 2022 by including care workers.

This is quite the popular visa category for immigrants, where numbers continued to rise in the year ending June 2022 from 24,348 to 45,943 in the next year.


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In August 2020, the Health and Care Worker Visa was introduced for medical professionals who wish to pursue their careers at the National Health Service (NHS), its suppliers, or even in adult social care.

Eligibility requirements for the Health and Care Worker Visa are as follows:

– The applicant must be a qualified professional in the field
– Must have a job offer from an Home Office-approved UK employer
Certificate of Sponsorship
– Must meet the mandatory minimum salary requirements
– Foreign educational qualifications must be equivalent to UK degrees
– English-language proficiency

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If you are an applicant, then you can easily apply online, followed by a visit to the visa application center to submit your biometric verification. The visa fee and the granted duration of stay will vary, and the processing could take up to three weeks.


Your visa could last up to five years, and if required, it is extendable. If you are the visa holder, dependents too will be permitted to accompany you. Furthermore, you will also be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK (ILR) once you complete five years, which opens doors to possible permanent residency or citizenship.

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