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Dependent Visa Drama

What Are The Latest Update On UK Dependent Visas?

The UK government announced several changes to its visa rules, including UK dependent visas. You should know that all the changes became effective on 6 April 2023.



Student Visas

This is one of the most crucial changes to UK dependent visas, which prevents students who are not studying postgraduate research programmes from going for dependent visas. As a result, overseas students studying undergraduate or postgraduate courses can’t have their family members accompany them to the UK on student visas.



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However, a few exceptions have been added to this rule. For instance, students studying a government-sponsored course, medicine, veterinary science, or dentistry will still be able to apply for dependent visas.

Skilled Worker Visas

Interestingly, the government has also amended the rules for dependent visas for overseas skilled workers. Out of all the changes, the most important one is that dependent partners will be required to fulfill minimum income criteria of £18,600 per year. They also need to meet the English language requirements.

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Family Visas

The UK government has changed the rules for family visas. Now, family members applying for a visa to join their civil partner or spouse living in the UK as skilled worker visa holders will need to fulfill the minimum income requirement of £25,600 per year. Of course, Applicants still have to meet the English language requirement.

Why Did The UK Government Change Visa Rules?

According to the UK government, amending the conditions of dependent visas will make the country’s immigration system fairer. Plus, it would ensure people who migrate to the UK for work or education can support their families and cover their own expenses.

In addition to this, the government believes it would help businesses in hiring skilled workers required for their growth.

The Effects of The Changes To UK Visa Rules

It is safe to say the changes to dependent visas will affect many people.

For instance, a lot of international students wouldn’t be able to bring their family members to the UK. As a result, students may find it difficult to study in the UK, ultimately impacting the country’s universities and colleges.

Similarly, businesses could be affected by the changes to skilled worker visas. The newly announced minimum income requirement for dependent partners could mean businesses would face difficulty in recruiting overseas skilled workers.

The same goes for the family members who wish to join their civil partners or spouses living in the UK on skilled worker visas.

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