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Visa Free Countries For Australian Citizens In 2023 ~ Visa-free Countries List

185 Visa-Free Countries for Australians in 2023

As per the latest Henley Passport Index, Australians are allowed to travel to 185 different international destinations without a visa.

Individuals holding Australian passports can easily travel to 185 different countries without a visa. In some areas, they are eligible for a visa on arrival, an electronic travel authority, or a visitor’s permit.

Australians can travel to up to 49 different European countries, including the UK, Ukraine, Poland, and Portugal, without a visa.

Furthermore, Australians enjoy the freedom of traveling to various areas in Oceania without applying for a visa, which includes Fiji, French Polynesia, and New Zealand. The same goes for the Caribbean as Australians can enter the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Barbados without a visa.

In addition to this, Australians do not need a visa to go to Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and many other countries in North and South America. As far as African countries are concerned, Australians have permission to travel to 12 of them without a visa, including Morocco, Tunisia, and Botswana.

Moving on, Australians can also travel to 10 different Asian countries without a visa, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, while being allowed into 6 countries located in the Middle East, that include Qatar and Israel.

Australians are granted ETAs or electronic travel authority while entering countries like the US, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Canada.

More countries that give visas on-arrival or visitor’s permits to Australians include Egypt, Cambodia, Samoa, Paraguay, and Lebanon.

Which Countries Demand Visas From Australians?

A total of 42 destinations require Australians to either acquire a visa beforehand or get approval for a visa on arrival from the government.

If you classify it according to regions, a lot of the countries that demand visas from Australian passport holders are in Africa. Ghana, South Sudan, and Kenya are among them.

Similarly, Nauru in Oceania and Cuba in the Caribbean are two countries that require approved visas from Australians.

Afghanistan, North Korea, and China are among the 10 Asian countries that demand visas from Australians.

Moreover, Australians with plans to travel to Syria, Yemen, Chile, Suriname, Russia, Azerbaijan, or Turkey must acquire a visa before departure.

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