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November 25, 2022

Immigration Rules For Over stayers In UK 2022

Who is An Overstayer According To The UK Immigration Laws ?

In today’s blog, we are sharing what an overstayer is as per the UK laws and if there is a  grace period before your are banned?.

Let’s begin with who is an overstayer:

An overstayer stays in the UK after their visa expires or recent leave has expired. This stay breaches immigration rules as the stayer no longer has any legal right to be in the country. This breach can affect your record permanently which may cause you issues in the future.

It is best to avoid overstaying as much as possible,  as it can affect the processing of any other visa type.

The next question in your mind must be if the authorities will remind you of the visa expiry.

No, they won’t. You will not receive any notification to leave the country before your visa expiry date. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are abiding by UK immigration rules.

But will you have some time to apply for a renewal before your re-entry is banned?

Yes, there is a 28-day grace period before your re-entry into the UK is banned. The Home Office will permit you to stay in the UK as long as you show proof that you have applied for a new visa or renewal 14 days before your current visa has expired. If you are within these 14 days, you can stay in the UK for the final decision on your visa application.

We hope you have understood the consequences of overstaying in the UK and will keep track of your visa expiry date.

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