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November 19, 2022

UK Graduate Visa Changes Announced By Home Secretary

UK Graduate Visa Changes

Today’s blog will share with you the latest updates about the changes made to the Graduate Visa.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has announced changes to the Graduate Visa. She has planned to lower the number of graduates allowed to live in the UK after completing their graduation from a higher education institution in the UK.

The Graduate Visa is also the Post Study Work Visa, which helps international students who are completing their higher education in a UK institution. Its objective is to help them live in the UK for up to 2 years after graduation. Boris Johnson initiated this visa to uplift the economy of the UK.

Concerns from Home Office

Recently, there were also discussions of restricting the number of dependents that can come to the UK with international students. The reason is that when coming to the country for graduation, students bring too many dependents. Reports show that some international students bring in 4-5 dependents.

In addition, the Home Office has shown concerns about immigrants entering low-skill work environments. Furthermore, no survey has been conducted on this issue. Moreover, these migrants don’t draw from the benefits system because of their international categorisation.

The Government put the Graduate Visa back in place a few years after Theresa May stamped out the system. Because of it, the UK higher education institutions continued lobbying and focused on promoting the UK as a famous destination for higher education institutions.

Reasons Behind Educational Lobbyists Worrying About Changes to the Graduate Visa

The Educational Lobbyists think that limiting the number of Graduate Visas will destroy their attempts to make the UK an eminent destination for higher education. Higher education lobbyists have majorly criticised the move. More news about this subject is expected from The Home Office Visas and Immigration Department.

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