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May 26, 2023

UK Tackles Worker Shortage By Easing Visa Policies

The UK is looking to ease up on the immigration rules for occupations in the fishing sector to tackle the issue of worker shortage. The idea is to help overseas applicants secure a visa in a seamless manner without spending too much money.



The fishing sector is often looked upon as one of the primary reasons for Brexit’s success, as it supported the cause in the run till the 2016 referendum. Many individuals believed that exit negotiations worsened the sector, and fewer international workers were left to work. Don’t forget the red tape on exports also increased.



Interestingly, this change comes at a time when immigration is highly driven by the political agenda of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to reduce net legal migration. However, the upcoming announcement of official statistics is expected to indicate a notable increase, forcing the government to tighten restrictions in various areas.

Britain faces an alarming issue of worker shortage, and the Bank of England believes this could contribute to a massive rise in inflation.

The new rules will be effective later this year, lowering visa expenses and the minimum salary needed.

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