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How to Check Your UK Visa Application Status UK Visa Status Check Online UK Immigration News 2024

Tracking UK Visa Application. Is it possible?

In today’s blog update, we’ll tell you How you can track your UK visa application using your GWF number. So stay tuned till the end.


Today, we will talk about one of the important features of the UK visa application process which is tracking the progress of your UK Visa application. It is thought that, the UK visa system does not permit direct tracking using the GWF number.

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Please keep in mind that the UK visa application process includes numerous phases, from submission to decision. All through this journey, it is usual to desire to stay updated regarding the progress of your UK Visa application. Although the GWF number acts as a unique identifier for track your UK Visa application, it does not exactly assist tracking.

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After submitting your UK visa application online, you will get an email confirmation confirming receipt of your UK Visa application. This email generally includes an approximated processing time and instructions on what to expect next. Though not a tracking mechanism per se, these email updates offer precious details into the overall progress of your UK Visa application.

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Please keep in mind that if you have precise questions or concerns about your UK visa application, you can get in touch with UKVI directly. They offer customer support services to assist applicants with queries related to their UK Visa applications. Even though this method may not provide real-time tracking, it can provide clarity on any issues or delays affecting your UK Visa application.


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Our blog ends here. We hope this short guide has shed light on the UK Visa application tracking process. If you have any further queries or topics you would like us to explore in future blogs, please feel free to comment below.

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