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Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirements 2023 Guidance

Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirements 2023 Guidance | UK Partner Visa 2023 Updates

How Can You Meet the Financial Requirements for a UK Spouse/Partner Visa?


In this blog you will learn how you can successfully meet the financial requirements of the UK spouse visa.

One of the biggest challenges when applying for a UK spouse/partner visa is fulfilling its financial requirements


If you are seeking a UK spouse/partner visa on the basis of a relationship with someone who is settled in the UK, is a British citizen, or has acquired leave under the EU Settlement Scheme, you have to meet the financial requirements along with other requirements of the application to make it successful.


Why Do Spouse Visas Have Financial Requirements?

Through the financial requirements, the Home office makes sure that you and your partner have adequate financial resources to live in the UK without relying on public funds.



How You Can Meet The Financial Requirements?


There are two essential ways through which you can meet the financial requirements.


The first way is through income and there is a threshold of £18,600 for income which can be even more if non-British children are also part of the application. There are specified rules for showing evidence on the basis of the source of income you rely on. For instance, non-employment income, employment income, etc.)


The second method is by means of saving where the applicant is only relying on savings. The threshold for savings is £62,500 which also increases with non-British children applying. For demonstrating the savings, there are specific evidential rules, the most prevalent of which is through bank statements. Other ways to fulfil the financial requirement include bereavement benefits from HM Forces, pensions, disability allowance, police injury pensions, etc. The possibility of merging income with savings also exists.


Applying From Outside the UK

You can generally rely on the employment income of the settled or British partner when applying initially from outside the UK. But if you rely on savings, the savings can be under your partner’s name, your name, or shared savings.


Applying From Inside the UK

If you are extending this visa route or switching to it inside the UK, you can count on your partner’s income or savings or your own if you had the right to work in the UK.


What Happens If You Are Not Able to Meet the Financial Requirements?


You may be able to file a discretionary application even if you cannot meet the financial requirements, however, the thresholds are high. This is also limited to specific conditions, for instance, if the application is refused, it would cause severe consequences for the private life of you or your family.



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