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How To Meet The Financial Requirements for UK Spouse Visa?

The Spousal visa is one of the UK’s most common personal visas. You are eligible to apply if you’re a spouse or a partner of an individual currently settled and residing in the UK.

This visa is open if you’re either married to or have resided a minimum of 2 years in a marriage-like relationship with an individual with either one of the following:

a British national and individual with indefinite leave to remain have settled status in the UK

The spousal visa holds strict eligibility conditions and requires a heavy document bundle. If you intend to apply for a spouse visa to be with your partner in the UK, one of the eligibility benchmarks is to fulfill financial requirements.

So how can you meet these financial requirements?

3 Main Methods That Can Help You In This Process: 

The first method is to reveal that the financial requirement is fulfilled through a minimum income threshold. Only a British citizen’s or an individual settled in the UK’s salary can be considered during entry clearance. For visa extension applications, the earnings of either partner can be regarded.

The British or settled individual must prove an annual income of a minimum of £18,600 for an application for a spouse or partner without dependent children. Furthermore, an additional charge of £3.800 would be applicable for the first child and £2,400 for every other child.

The second method is to confirm that you or your spouse has adequate savings. Either partner can maintain the savings in this process, even on entry clearance. If the spouse or partner is applying independently without dependent children, the mandatory threshold for savings is £62,500, which must have been maintained for 6 months prior to applying. Similar to the first method, if children are involved, the threshold will rise.

The third method is through the income from self-employment. As an all-around rule, the necessary salary threshold is £18,600. This amount will be more if children are involved. This category is relatively more complicated when delivering documentary proof of income. Therefore this method should be approached with caution.

There are other ways to meet the financial threshold for a spousal visa. It is also feasible to merge different categories of earnings/savings. The rules encompassing the financial prerequisites are quite complex. It is advised that you seek legal advice before pursuing an application for this type of visa.

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