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UK Re-Entry Ban: How Long Will You Be Out?

The duration of the ban changes according to when and how a person exits the UK. Moreover, people who are the subject of a one year, five year, or ten year re-entry ban could be refused entry as they try to enter the UK.



Let’s take a look at the existing duration of re-entry bans;

  • One year ban for people exiting the UK voluntarily within 30 days after their leave expires at their own expense.
  • Two or five year bans are for individuals exiting the UK voluntarily at the Home Office’s expense. This is hugely dependent on how soon they depart after receiving the notification of liability for removal.
  • Ten year ban for individuals subject to enforced deportation or removal. Plus, This is for people who falsify their application.



Voluntary Departure At The Person’s Own Expense

Other than illegal entrants, here’s when a person could be subject to a mandatory one year re-entry ban;

– People who overstay their lawful leave by over 30 days could face a re-entry ban of one year

– Individuals who breach a condition of their leave are also banned from re-entering for a year.

– People who exit the UK voluntarily at their own expense unless they apply for entry clearance as a Family Member or were 18 years old during their recent breach.

Voluntary Departure At The Secretary Of State’s Expense

People are subject to two or five year re-entry bans if they breach immigration laws and exit the UK voluntarily at the Secretary of State’s expense. It includes individuals who leave the UK through an Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) programme.

A voluntary departure at the Secretary of State’s expense is when people exit the UK voluntarily using a flight ticket bought by the Secretary of State.

Two Year Re-Entry Bans

People who leave the UK voluntarily at the Secretary of State’s expense face a mandatory two year re-entry ban if;

  • Their departure date was no more than six months after the date when they received the notice of their removal decisionOR
  • No more than six months after the date when they didn’t have a pending appeal against their removal decision

It all depends on whichever comes later.

Five Year Re-Entry Bans

People are subject to a mandatory five year re-entry ban if;

  • They exit the UK voluntarily at the Secretary of State’s expense over six months after receiving the notice of their removal decisionOR
  • More than six months after their subsequent appeal rights are exhausted.

Again, it all depends on whichever comes at a later date.

The 6 month time window in which an individual must depart to face a 2 year re-entry ban instead of a 5 year re-entry ban could be reset to begin again.

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Ten Year Re-Entry Bans

An individual who faces a deportation order cannot enter the UK when the order is still effective. You can check the Immigration Rules to learn the criteria for revoking a deportation order. A foreign national who gets a deportation order can revoke it by applying to the Home Office from outside the UK after getting deported.

A person faces a 10 year re-entry ban if they were non-voluntarily removed from the UK at the public expense. Enforced removal is when a person doesn’t leave the UK voluntarily and is forced to return by the Department. The authorities can detain such people before they depart from the UK.

In addition to this, people get banned from re-entering for 10 years if they falsified their application.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.



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