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UK Government Set To Stop Overseas Recruitment Of Care Workers

UK Government Set To Stop Overseas Recruitment Of Care Workers

In today’s blog update, we’ll be talking about the Decline of the UK Care Visa. It’s Implications and Controversies.

Issues with the UK Care Visa System

Recent developments have cast a shadow over the UK Care Visa, previously a beacon of hope for many aspiring to join the UK’s social care sector. Reports indicate a staggering 76% to 85% drop in Care Visa applications as of May 2024, signaling a sharp decline in its attractiveness to foreign workers. This drastic reduction is attributed to several sweeping changes imposed by the UK government aimed at curbing net migration, which have left many potential migrants disillusioned.

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Difficulties Faced by Care Visa Applicants with Finances and Regulations

The introduction of stricter regulations, including a significant increase in the salary threshold from £18,600 to £29,000, has made the Care Visa less feasible for many employers and potential applicants. The role of a care assistant, traditionally among the lower-paying jobs in the UK, does not typically command such high wages, posing a near-insurmountable barrier for many overseas workers hoping to enter the UK through this route. Additionally, the elimination of the ability for visa holders to bring dependents has further diminished the appeal of the Care Visa.

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Political Influence and Future of the UK Care Visa

Amidst political pressures and upcoming elections, both current and opposing UK parties have expressed intentions to maintain the stringent rules, dashing hopes for a relaxation of policies post-election.

This political consensus suggests that the restrictive measures on the Care Visa may persist, potentially ending what was once a viable pathway to the UK for international care workers.

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Community Response and Looking Forward

The community’s reaction has been one of frustration and disappointment, with many feeling that the Care Visa has become a scam, exploiting rather than helping foreign workers. As the UK government tightens immigration rules, those affected are left to reconsider their options, with many turning away from the UK as a destination for their skills and aspirations.


In summary, the once-popular UK Care Visa faces a precarious future, with current policies not only impacting potential applicants but also likely exacerbating staffing shortages in the UK’s care sector. As the situation evolves, it will be crucial to monitor further developments and assess their long-term impacts on the UK’s ability to attract and retain overseas talent in critical sectors.

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