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Unlock Australian PR Top Courses in 2024

Top courses for Australian permanent residency by 2024.

There are various educational programs in Australia where one gets training and at the same time provides eligibility for permanent residency. There are some major fields in 2024 that are in high demand but are low in supply, which creates excellent migration opportunities for international students bound to Australia. Here are the top six courses:


  1. Nursing: A Bachelor of nursing will find immigration pathways and good careers that are available in Australia for extended periods. This usually involves a fee of approximately $24,000 AUD for three years with minimal English skills of at least seven bands in any order.
  2. Teaching: It would be very easy to get a job as a teacher and acquire permanent residence in Australia. Bachelor of Teaching, Australia-wide (1-4 year duration) starting at $18,000 AUD.
  3. Social Work/Community Service Sector: Considering the emphasis placed on community well-being by Australia, a good choice for me would be the Bachelor of Social Work, which lasts for three years at $19,000 AUD per year (Anonymous, n.d.).

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  1. Automotive Electrician: With specialization in fields such as electronics or engine management, the Diploma Electrotechnician – Mechanical Automotive can give you a promising job as an auto-mechanic. The 2-year duration program is at a cost of $9,000 per year.
  2. Carpentry: The Diploma of Carpentry attracts many international students and is a two-year course, for which the cost is over $10,000 per annum, as well as it is aligned with the General Skilled Migration program for a PR visa pathway.
  3. Bricklaying: There are career opportunities in the construction sector to address a housing backlog in Australia via the Diploma of Bricklaying. It also commences at $10,000 per year for this 2-year program.

The courses provide skill development as well as a pathway to permanent residence in Australia which is suitable for those individuals interested in moving to Australia by studying.

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