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May 2, 2023

Top 10 Job Opportunities In Canada For Tech Experts

In this blog, we’ll discuss the prevailing job opportunities in Canada for tech experts.



Canadian Employers Are Actively Hiring Tech Experts

Canadian employers are actively looking for potential candidates to fill various job vacancies in the Tech sector. As a result, they are focused on creating new job opportunities for foreign nationals interested in migrating to Canada via the Express Entry system.



Interestingly, salaries are now more competitive in the tech sector following the skill shortages and the development of new technologies. The average salary in the tech sector is expected to lie somewhere between $74,000 and $130,600 in 2023. Don’t forget the median salary is likely to be around $100,100.

The List Of Tech Jobs Available In Canada

Here’s a list of tech jobs with high demand in Canada in 2023, along with their NOC codes.

  • Business System Analyst/Administrator – NOC 21221
  • Cloud Architect – NOC 20012
  • Developer/Programmer – NOC 21232
  • Data Analyst /Scientist – NOC 21223
  • IT Project Manager – NOC 21311
  • Network Engineer – NOC 22220
  • Security Analyst/Architect – NOC 21220
  • Quality Assurance Analyst – NOC 21222

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