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Hidden Financial Burden of British Citizenship You Need to Know UK Immigration News September 2023

The Hidden Financial Burden of British Citizenship

In today’s blog update we will be discussing about the true cost of British citizenship. So it is highly suggested you read the full blog and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for new updates on our website.

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Please keep in mind that, The journey to British citizenship is not just about achieving residency requirements and perceiving the British culture; it’s also about circumnavigate a multifaceted and expensive financial landscape.

For many immigrants, the monetary implications of visa renewals and applications are often ignored. A single individual, for example, can expect to pay a astounding £2,608 every 30 months just for Home Office application fees and NHS surcharges. This denotes that over a five-year route to settlement, the cost can intensify to a minimum of £5,216. For those on a ten-year route, this doubles to £10,432.

The Rising Costs and Their Impact

The financial burden doesn’t stop there. The application for indefinite leave to remain stands at £2,404, and this fee increases considerably for families. With each visa renewal, applicants are expected to face higher charges, with the NHS surcharge being a main contributor. These excessive fees force many into debt, demanding longer working hours and acknowledgement of lower

-paid jobs. The stress of waiting for application approvals, coupled with the endless threat of losing temporary immigration status, appends the anxiety.

Why Such High Fees?

In the year 2018, gossips highlighted that immigration and citizenship fees brought an excess of £500 million to the UK Home Office. With the latest announcements indicating a rise in visa application fees by up to 20%, the monetary strain on migrants and UK employers hiring foreign nationals is set to increase.

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