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November 15, 2022

Temporary Foreign Worker Program Works In Canada

What Are The Rights of Canadian Temporary Foreign Workers?

Today we are going to discuss the rights of temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in Canada.

Temporary foreign workers have equal rights as native citizens and permanent residents of Canada. This indicates that it is the legal responsibility of employers to provide a safe workplace to TFWs.

Moreover, it is unlawful for employers to not pay employees according to the employment agreement between them. This rule holds for overtime pay as well. Therefore, it is important for employees to have a duly signed copy of the agreement prior to their first day of work.

The Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, said that the rights of all workers, including temporary workers, are protected by law. The International Mobility Program sets conditions for hiring temporary workers and grants permits to vulnerable employees experiencing discrimination at work to find new employees.

He further mentioned that these new regulations would strengthen the ability of the government of Canada to protect TFWs and enhance its capacity to protect TFWs from being abused and mistreated during their period of employment in Canada.

What is the Temporary Foreign Workers Program?

The TFWP is planned to maintain the strength of Canada’s labour force. It will allow employers to fill urgent gaps in the labour population by hiring workers internationally. However, employers must show a legitimate need for hiring workers by getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Employers can only hire permanent residents or Canadian citizens without the LMIA.

Compared to other immigration programs, there is no limit for the number of TFWs who can come into Canada.

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