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Tech Talent Strategy: Canada Invites 10,000 H-1B Visa Holders

Did you know the Government of Canada introduced new measures for H-1B visa holders as part of its Tech Talent Strategy (TTS)?



Under the Tech Talent Strategy, H-1B specialty visa holders living in the US will become eligible to apply to enter Canada, along with their immediate family members, from 16 July 2023. Moreover, approved applicants will be issued an open work permit with a validity of 3 years, allowing them to seek employment for any Canadian employer without restrictions.



The dependents and spouses of approved applicants will be able to apply for a temporary resident visa, including either a study or work permit.

This newly announced measure is expected to remain effective for a year or the time when IRCC gets 10,000 applications. The application cap is only applicable to principal applicants, excluding their accompanying family members.

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