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January 25, 2023

More Australia Work Permit Visa in 2023 | Australia Immigration and Work Visa Updates

Australia Plans To issue work visas to Foreigners

The authorities in Australia have plans to adopt a demand-driven immigration system, switching from the skills-based visa program. As a result, businesses would have a greater role in determining the job roles that need to be filled.

However, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia regards this idea as a bad one, claiming that even though the country is going through a severe shortage of workers, adopting such a system can backfire.

Regardless, it seems that the Australian government hopes to boost economic growth and productivity by implementing this idea. Plus, it will give the industry more power to come up with ways that protect foreigners interested in working in Australia from exploitation.

Although the demand-driven immigration system has not been implemented yet, it is expected to reduce the processing times of Australian work visas.

It should be noted that the processing times for skilled worker visas are up to 15 months at the moment. If the system changes, the processing times could be reduced significantly to help the country deal with the growing shortage of workers.

Comparing the demand-driven immigration program to the Skilled migration program, the former could also prove helpful in filling job roles that are not accessible for Australian workers. However, it is important to understand that this program will consider the demand for a job instead of the skills of a foreign worker.

Furthermore, it seems like the Australian government may also ask multinationals to send their employees to Australia.

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia has been helping to make the process for intra-companies more convenient. Plus, various changes are expected to be implemented so that Australia can deal with labor shortages across its industries.

According to the Chief Economist of the Committee for Economic Development, the United States and the United Kingdom have already allowed multinational organizations operating within their countries to let their best employees come to Australia via a streamlined process.

Multinational companies are trustworthy, so this idea does not pose any sort of threat to the country. Moreover, it will also help attract foreign investments to Australia.

Considering the labor shortage, the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs have already asked to fast-track visa applications of employees that are necessarily required to fill specific job roles.

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