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Requirements For Temporary visa application Streamlined

From 18 October, medical examinations and chest x-rays are not required for temporary visa applicants based on their nationality, earlier residence, or intended duration of their stay to meet the health requirements.

However, temporary visa applicants in Australia would still be required to conduct related medical examinations or chest x-rays based on the following reasons among others:

  • If the applicant has applied for any sort of medical treatment, provisional visa, or temporary protection
  • If the applicant is pregnant and is willing to have the baby in Australia
  • If he/she is over the age of 75 years and applying for a visitor visa

These are the temporary terms and conditions that will be applied to all pending and newly made applications with the department of Home Affairs submitted in Australia.

Furthermore, the applicants who have already completed their medical examination and chest x-rays will not be refunded by the Australian authorities.

To streamline the entry process and reduce the processing time of applications, the authorities have exempted most temporary visa applicants for visas from the medical examination and x-ray requirements.

It will be furthermore decided in early 2023 by the authorities whether to extend the temporary exemption or not.

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