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Relaxed Immigration Rules For The UK Work Force

As per recent reports, to provide support to the economy due to fears of an upcoming recession, Prime Minister Liz Truss is expected to relax the UK immigration regulations.

The Prime Minister is set to modify the government’s shortage occupation list to help businesses overcome the lack of skilled labour by easily hiring workers from abroad.

Applications for a work visa for occupations such as engineers, scientists, and software developers will have relaxed criteria.

A director at a private institute stated that massive recruitment from abroad could be of great benefit to the UK workforce.

He further stated that the possibility of loosening immigration rules could become much more significant news for the labour market than anything announced recently in the UK’s budget.

He explained that since Brexit, the number of non-UK-born workers has declined by about a third, and this has been a contributing factor to the skills shortages and recruitment challenges that companies have been facing

However, the costs involved in recruiting for some fields will be a problem.

In truth, expanding the shortage lists will not do much for the lack of labour in low-paid work in areas like social care and hospitality because of the expenses involved, which can be around thousands of pounds in visa charges and health surcharges.

This announcement has been welcomed by the HR director of a private company.

According to him, high-quality labour is highly vital for businesses to be in line with the growth agenda set by the government and the economic needs. Along with continued investment in labour in the UK workforce, being able to attract some quality labour from abroad through an efficient immigration system is essential.

He added that the government’s plans should be welcomed and accepted, especially for some of the areas that have been going through difficulty in drawing either the number of labour or skills required to deliver their operations, but it should be seen as a supplement to a long-term commitment to investing in the talents of the UK’s manpower. However, the UK labour market has other problems which should be considered.

He further stated that British people also need to keep in mind that there are other reasons why companies have been struggling, most importantly, since the pandemic, most individuals who had health conditions and older people have left the labour force. This is why depending on higher immigration can’t be an alternative for investing in help for people who have left the workforce and want to work to get back.

If we talk about pathways for international workers to move to the UK, they include the Global Talent Visa, which removes the requirement for workers to have a job invitation before moving, a Graduate Visa for foreign students, a fast track system for Skilled Workers and a Global Business Mobility Visa.

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