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May 7, 2023

PSAC Strike: Long Passport Lineups To Be Expected

Canadians are advised to expect long lines at passport offices by a federal minister as the public service starts to work again after a 12-day-long PSAC strike.



According to Families Minister Karina Gould, the industrial action didn’t lead to a massive backlog because the federal government received fewer passport applications during the strike.



Now, a high number of applications is expected. However, Karina Gould has assured Canadians that people who need to travel urgently will be prioritized.

On the other hand, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser confirmed that decisions regarding 100,000 immigration applications were delayed during the PSAC strike.

Don’t forget IRCC has recently been busy trying to deal with massive backlogs which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fraser believes the recent strike will make it challenging to return to pre-pandemic service standards. Regardless, he expects the department to steer through these difficult times smoothly because of the changes that have been recently implemented to boost productivity in the workforce.

Moreover, Canada’s largest federal public sector union recently confirmed that it had reached an agreement with the government concerning the coverage of over 120,000 public servants all over the country to help them get back to work.

Plus, discussions have resumed between the Canada Revenue Agency and the Public Service Alliance of Canada since 35,000 CRA workers are still on strike.

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