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Online US Passport Renewal To Open in 2023

Online US Passport Renewal Will Open In 2023

Today’s blog is about the online passport renewal process that will be functional from 2023.

As per the US Department of State notification, an online passport renewal service will be made available to the general public at the start of 2023. This introduction is followed in the wake of two successful controlled pilot programs that took place in early 2022.

This measure was taken into consideration after President Joe Biden’s executive order of December 2021, in which he suggested the federal government must apply services that are easy to use, convenient, impartial, safe, clear, and accessible to everyone.

The current passport renewal process is complicated and time taking. Numerous travelers can appeal for a renewal by mail, but they have to print, fill up and send in many documents along with a check or money order to cover the charges.

Passport Delays

Closed passport offices and a shortage of personnel at the State Department have slowed down the system since 2020, with passport wait times for renewal extending to 18 weeks. A few travelers traveled across the country to renew their passports in person.

Currently, the processing time for online renewal is the same as the ones sent by post. Though there is no guarantee that online renewal will reduce passport wait times, it will shorten the paperwork and help streamline the process.

The state department officials are hoping for the online renewal process to ease long delays, which have become a norm since the start of the pandemic due to the passport office shutdown and dismissal of staff.

Irrespective of the processing times picking up speed, federal officials are still dealing with the backlogs.

Online Renewal Cost

The passport renewal costs are the same for the online and in-person methods. $130 for an adult and $135 for a child. The fee of $60 for urgent service is also the same.

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