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October 26, 2022

Backlog for Green Cards Increase In October

In this blog, we will discuss the increase in the number of Green Card Visa backlogs in October.

The month of October has witnessed an increase in the number of immigrant visa backlogs by more than 15,000.

The Department of State’s National Visa Centre (NVC) reported a rise of 3.8% in October. Following a declining trend in the immigrant visa (IV) backlog, the pending application number rose from 384,681 to 399,286 in October.

The NVC has also reported a rise in the number of green card applications, which were documentarily complete and ready to be scheduled for interviews, rose more than 18,000 this month. A documentarily complete application is one where all the required documents and forms have been submitted and accepted by the NVC, making the case ready for an interview call. This rise in the documentarily complete backlog cases from 416,856 to 435,063 has occurred for the first time in five months. Since July 2021, the number of DC cases was on a downward trend.

But there was good news in October as well. 35,777 interviews were scheduled in October for green cards which made the backlog of interviews drop down a little more than 3,000 from September, which was 32,175. This 11% increase from September in the number of the interviews. NVC reportedly scheduled is also higher than the 28,447 median number of interviews scheduled over the last 12 month period. This fall in interview numbers might not seem big enough but any reduction in the backlog is favorable.

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