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August 31, 2023

Latest Updates Regarding Green Card Backlog

In today’s blog update, we will talk about the Green Card Backlog which Decreases By 3.5% in July 2023.


It should be noted that, The U.S. immigration system has been under the spotlight due to the massive backlog in green card applications. On the other hand, latest data from the Department of State’s National Visa Center brings a shimmer of hope for many aspiring immigrants awaiting their turn.

Dip in the Backlog

It was observed that, July saw a 3.6% decrease in the immigrant visa backlog, decreasing the number down from 351,821 in June 2023 to 339,081. This is a noteworthy shift, bearing in mind the challenges confronted by the US immigration system lately.

Readiness for Green Card Interviews

The number of green card applicants with complete documents and ready for interview scheduling saw a small reduction of around 2.5%. These are cases where all obligated forms and documentations have been acknowledged by the NVC, marking them as ready for the interview phase.


Surge in Scheduled Interviews

In spite of the minor decrease in ready cases, there was a distinguished 7.7% upsurge in the number of migrant applicants scheduled for green card interviews. This uptick, from 36,576 interviews in June 2023 to 39,394 in July, is an assuring sign for many waiting in the wings.

In summary, while challenges linger, the latest data specifies positive momentum in addressing the US green card backlog.


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