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Australia s Crackdown on Student Visa Fraud

Student Visa Frauds Beware! Australia Introduces New Measures

Australia is taking major steps to solve fraud-related issues arising in the student visa system. Recently, Australia has showcased some measures to protect the ethics of its international education sector. One step they took was to close the loophole that used to let international students switch from their genuine study programs to some arrangement that let them work in the country. This mainly happened because students had Confirmations of Enrolments (COEs) around all the various sectors.

What Are The Solutions That Australia Has Introduced?

Solution 1 – Closing the Loophole

Now the government does not let educational providers shift international students from genuine study programs to work-facilitating arrangements. This rule is especially implemented for those who have been in the country for less than six months.

Solution 2 – Financial Requirements

Before getting a study visa, students have to prove they have 17% more savings than before. This makes up to $24,505. This step is taken to ensure that no students are forced to work because of financial problems.

Solution 3 – Increased Scrutiny

Now, the government will take more keen checks on the high-risk student group, especially those who are known to submit fraudulent applications. To prevent high-risk education providers from recruiting international students, suspension power is being used.

The main goal is to preserve the reputation of Australia’s international education sector and ensure that only genuine students get the educational benefits that the country has to offer.

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