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IRCC Reinstates Biometrics Collection Requirement

Recent announcements clarified that the government of Canada is about to restart the collection of biometrics for applicants who submit applications for temporary residence while living in Canada.

This amendment is expected to impact individuals going for temporary residence in Canada from 23 February 2023.

On 15 July 2020, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or IRCC, introduced a temporary policy exempting applicants applying for temporary residence while living in Canada from submitting biometrics. However, it seems that IRCC has lifted this exemption policy this year after more than 31 months.

Other than applicants for temporary residence, this change will affect give specific applicant groups, as stated in IRCC’s press release;

  • Work permit or study permit applicants
  • Applicants for visitor visas
  • Those who apply for a temporary resident permit
  • Students, workers, or visitors hoping to get their visas extended
  • People applying to get their status as a student, worker, or visitor restored

What’s important to note here is that a few exemptions, including temporary measures for biometrics collection, will remain effective for specific cases.

How To Submit Biometrics For Temporary Residence Application?

Applicants required to provide biometrics while applying for temporary residence must pay the biometrics fee during the application process. As a result, applicants will get a biometric instruction letter through email to guide them about submitting biometrics online.

Did you know that more than 70 Service Canada Centre Collection offices are operating throughout the country? Temporary residence applicants are free to submit their biometrics at these centres after securing an appointment.

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