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canada family reunification 2023

IRCC Minister Announces Surprising News For Family Reunification

New measures concerning family reunification in Canada have been announced by Canadian immigration minister Sean Fraser.



The official update confirms minister is introducing measures to improve family reunification according to the mandate letter Trudeau sent in December 2021.



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The immigration minister has announced that IRCC was able to eliminate the backlog of applications for TRVs of family members with pending permanent resident applications.

The immigration minister has also publicly talked about utilizing advanced analytics and technological advancements to process TRV applications of family members of permanent citizens and residents in 30 days only.

Sean Fraser mentioned how the department’s new approach contributed to the approval of 98% of the TRV applications of spouses and children.

Consequently, approved family members would be able to visit Canada to meet their family while having a pending permanent residency application.

Immigration Minister also talked about a new initiative to grant open work permits to spousal applicants, including their dependent children, irrespective of the fact that their applications were submitted under Family Class as international applicants or Spousal/Common-law partner as applicants living in Canada.

Open work permit holders whose existing status will expire after 1 August 2023 or by the end of 2023 will be allowed to seek an extension for 18 months through a free facilitative approach, which is pretty similar to the PGWP extension.

This concerns spousal open work permit holders of overseas students, Canadians, permanent residents, and work permit holders with pending permanent residency applications.

Don’t forget Sean Fraser also confirmed that new spousal sponsorship applications have been following a processing time of 12 months since July 2022.

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