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New Rules for International Students to Study in Canada in 2024 Study in Canada 2024

Canada Study Visa New Rules 2024: Need to Know for Indian Students

The recent updates in Canadian immigration policies come as a surprise for international students, including Indian students. These changes are raising concerns among potential international students worldwide who wish to study in Canada.

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This blog highlights a breakdown of the fundamental changes and how these changes will impact prospective international students. Here’s the list:

Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) Required

According to this change, most student visa applications will now require a PAL from a province or territory of Canada. If a PAL cannot be provided along with the study visa application, it may cause rejection. However, this change doesn’t currently apply to Indian students wishing to enroll in master’s or doctoral programs in Canada.

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Good News for Master’s Students

Graduates are now granted more time to work in Canada with the 3-year extension of the post-study work visa for master’s programs.

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Careful with Private Colleges

For those intending to settle in Canada, we suggest picking programs from institutions offering post-study work visas. You may not be qualified if you select a private college to study at, followed by a public college diploma.

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Spousal Work Permit Changes

This change enables spouses of students to apply for open work permits only if the student is in a master’s or doctoral program. This limits spouses of Canadian study visa holders from applying for a spouse open work permit if the students are studying in other programs in Canada.

Students must be enrolled in master’s or doctoral programmes if they wish to continue their education in Canada and assist their partner in applying for a Canadian student spouse visa.



Furthermore, we suggest international students carefully research the new regulations and their implications to tailor their applications accordingly. This strategy will increase the chances of their applications being successful.

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