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June 21, 2023

Indian Nationals Face Entry Denials In New Zealand

The rejection rates for Indian applicants have become the same as pre-Covid levels. Regardless, they are yet to reach the peak witnessed during the 2010s.



Statistics from Immigration New Zealand (INZ) confirm that hundreds of Indians have been denied entry after New Zealand reopened its borders last year. The data indicates that 664 foreign nationals were refused entry between 1 August 2022 and 10 June 2023. Out of those individuals, one-third of the foreign nationals were Indian passport holders.



The number mentioned earlier includes visa holders and passengers who were travelling through the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority without a visa. Furthermore, Immigration New Zealand stated that 202 arrivals out of the total figure included people holding Indian passports.

Reports show that a total of 2,727 passengers were not allowed to board while trying to travel to New Zealand during the same period. Out of those people, 796 individuals held Indian passports.

A lot of Indian applicants are facing rejection from immigration authorities. Did you know nearly 11,000 study visa applications from India were rejected in the 2014-15 period? In contrast, almost 21,000 applications were approved. Similarly, 2,662 applications were rejected, and 14,917 were approved in the 2013-14 period.

Rejections for Indian applicants peaked in 2015 and 2016 after 13,057 applications out of 34,928 were refused.

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