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p1 Home Office announces Autumn updates to Immigration Rules

Latest Changes In Uk Immigration Visa Announced

The latest Statement of changes in the immigration rules (HC719) have been reported by the Home Office on 18 October,2022.

Furthermore, they have executed various changes to UK Immigration with the implementation of new immigration routes. Let’s highlight some of the fundamental changes enforced on UK Immigration that all of you must be aware of:

  • Initiative for the new Appendix Temporary Permission to stay for the victims of human trafficking or slavery
  • Cancellation of the police registration scheme
  • Permit of Non-Visa National status for the citizens of Colombia, Guyana, and Peru
  • Extended duration for Ukraine Extension Scheme with the deadline for applicants
  • A New Immigration route initiated for the Poultry Workers

To incorporate different roles in the poultry sector, the Temporary Work-Seasonal Worker Visa has been extended for the period starting from 18 October to 31 December each year.

This will support the poultry sector in its peak seasonal demand throughout Christmas.

Certain changes in the seasonal worker visa got implemented on 18 October 2022 at 4 pm.

The new poultry production worker route of the Seasonal Worker Visa is open for anyone willing to apply to work in the poultry sector for the following roles mentioned below:

  • Butcher
  • Poulterer
  • Poultry Processor
  • Poultry Sticker
  • Bird/Game Dresser
  • Food Operative
  • Trusser
  • Poultry Catcher/Handler
  • Poultry Vaccinator
  • or for Poultry Meat Packer

All the applicants getting sponsored for the roles mentioned earlier are required to apply before 15 November. However, they are needed to be paid around £25,600 per year along with 30 hours of paid employment every week while working in the poultry production sector.

This is just to make sure that the wages of workers who will qualify for the Skilled Worker Route are not less than what’s required to be paid under that route.

Permission will be granted to all the successful applicants for staying in the UK during the period of the job based on their Certificate of Sponsorship. However, 14 days will be given in addition after the period of stay or either before, which commenced from 18 October and last till 31 December.

New Rules For Appendix Temporary Permission Visa

As per the changes announced by the Home Office, the New Appendix Temporary Permission Visa has been initiated for the victims of Human Trafficking and Slavery.

This route is for non-British citizens who were staying in the UK without any permission.

The rules will be implemented from 30 January 2023.

However, the victim applicants needed to apply on the FLR (HRO) form for the grant of permission to stay here. It is necessary to prove UK Visas and Immigration the following things:

  • As defined in section 69 (1) of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022, victims have been served with a positive conclusive grounds decision
  • Victims aren’t British citizens
  • They didn’t have permission to stay in any other category in the UK
  • You can get the permit for applying for an extension under this route as a victim of Human Trafficking or Slavery or as a child victim too or discretionary leave for victims of modern slavery or as their child dependents

The temporary permission to stay in the UK as a victim will be based on the consideration of the Secretary of State.

As mentioned in section 65 (2) (a) to (c) of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022, it is required to:

  • Assist in the recovery from any physical or psychological harm caused to the victim due to relevant exploitation
  • Provide permits to the victims seeking compensation in respect of relevant exploitation
  • Allow them to cooperate connection with the public authority for the investigation or any criminal proceedings in respect of relevant exploitation

In case the victim’s need for assistance can meet in another country or territory, or even if the individual can seek compensation from outside the UK, permission will not be allowed for a temporary stay.

However, in some cases, if children are the confirmed victims of human trafficking or slavery,

They may be granted permission for a temporary stay with their parents to meet the requirements discussed above.

Furthermore, they must be present in the UK on the date of consideration of approval, must be under 18, and shouldn’t be having permission to stay in the UK in any other category.

Changes In HC719 – UK Immigration Rules

Rules For Children of Hong Kong British Nationals

Adult children of Hong Kong British Nationals (Overseas) who are eligible will be allowed to make independent applications along with their partner, dependent children and adult dependent relatives from 30 November 2022, under the Hong Kong British National (Overseas) route without having to be part of their parent’s household.

Termination of the Police Registration Requirement

The Home Office amended the Immigration Rules to delete Part 10, which describes the requirements for police registration, and Appendix 2, which is a list of nationalities subject to those requirements. An amendment to delete the requirement as an immigration condition for individual visa routes is also made.

The scheme has formally terminated with these changes that were suspended since August 2022.

No English Language Requirement

The nationals of British Overseas Territories will not have to meet English language requirements for Immigration purposes as the territories are now included on the majority English-speaking country list.

Changes For Visitors

The following amendments are made to the visitor rules:

  • Sports officials who are not attending the event as a sportsperson carrying out permitted sports activities but are supporting sports tournaments and events will be allowed to enter the UK.
  • Midwifery students on overseas degree-equivalent courses will be allowed to come to the UK to carry out unpaid electives with the UK education provider on the condition that they must not treat patients.
  • Visiting sports officials will be allowed to switch to the International Sportsperson route without leaving the UK.

Changes to Visa Nationals List

The visa nationals list is updated as citizens of Colombia, Guyana and Peru will no longer require a visa to come to the UK for visits and other short-term purposes of a six-month duration.

Overstayers Applications

Part 39E of the immigration rules allows applications for permission to stay to be accepted under certain circumstances where the applicant is an overstayer.

The new rules are proposing to expand the scope of this paragraph to cover individuals who have overstayed after the rejection of an application that they tried to make before the end of their previous immigration permission. At the moment, only individuals with a refused application are covered.

Void Applications

To cover void applications a new paragraph 34KA is being added to the Immigration Rules. This change is only added to the Home Office policy guidelines.

In the paragraph, a void application is defined as one that the Home Office cannot accept and confirms that the application will not be considered.

Some examples of void applications are as follows:

  • Application by individuals exempt from immigration control, unless they are applying under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Applications for temporary immigration permission filed by individuals who are settled in the UK
  • New applications by individuals who have statutory immigration permission during a time where they can appeal a refusal decision unless the application is under the EU Settlement Scheme or is a human rights or protection claim.

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