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November 13, 2022

Dependant Spouse Visa Benefits In UK

Can A Dependant Visa Holder Switch To a Work Visa?

In our blog update today, we’ll be looking at the query, if a dependant visa holder can switch to a work visa in the UK?

If you currently reside in the United Kingdom on a dependant visa, you could switch to another visa, for instance, any available work visa within the UK.

If you are a partner, child or any other relative of a holder of a UK visa or a British passport, and you reside together in the UK together with this individual, you can change your dependant family member status without having to leave the UK.

For instance, you can change to a Skilled Worker or an Innovator visa anytime before the expiration of your current dependant visa. Be cautious; you would still require to fulfil the specific eligibility conditions depending on the new visa route you are applying for.

Usually, applications can be submitted online, and it can take a maximum of 8 weeks for a decision unless you can purchase a faster processing service.

Once your application for a visa switch has been submitted, you cannot travel outside the UK/Common Travel Area until the decision arrives. However, if you do leave, then your application will be deemed as withdrawn.

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