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Marriage Visitor visa Eligibility UK Visas and Immigration 2023 Updates

Get Married In The UK As A Visitor

An individual interested in getting married in the UK but lacks residence status is advised to either acquire a Marriage Visitor visa or a Fiancé/Fiancée visa. It should be noted that visitors to the UK holding either a standard visit visa or visiting the country as a non-visa national cannot get married in the UK.



Interestingly, the Marriage Visitor visa is for people visiting the UK with the sole purpose of entering into a civil partnership or getting married without any plans of staying in the country afterwards. In case you are wondering, a Marriage Visitor visa is valid for 6 months, and holders must return to their home country after it expires.



On the other hand, you may need to obtain a fiancé visa if you wish to get married and live in the UK. An individual who is engaged to a British citizen or an existing resident in the UK can easily apply for a Fiancé visa. Again, this visa is valid for 6 months, and you must get married or enter into a civil partnership during this period. Moreover, you are required to switch to a Spouse or Civil Partner visa after getting married, which comes with a validity of 2 and a half years. Which visas you should opt for depends on if you will be staying in the UK after your marriage.

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